We pre-install a flush bolt locking system into the dormant door of all our double doors. Giving our customers the option to have either both doors operable or just the one. 


The Low-E double layered glass we use on all our iron doors is ideal for energy efficiency. The 5/8” dual pane tempered insulated Low-E glass helps to block out ultraviolet rays and radiant heat The Low-E coated glass acts as an insulator in the winter trapping warmth within your business or home. In the summer time, that same coating is helping to keep your business or home cool. Which in turn helps to reduce energy bills each month. So, you’ll always be comfortable in your business or home while saving energy and money. 


The weather stripping on our iron doors makes us a great buy for those looking to go energy efficient. We have double layered tempered glass and we apply weather stripping on both sides of the glass. We also have a tight seal of weather stripping around the door frame to help significantly reduce the emission of heat and air. 


The glass panels on our iron doors have an operable panel lock and a double layer of tempered Low-E glass making them energy efficient and optimal for security. They all are individually hinged and open unrestrictedly from the doors creating effortless cleaning and maximum ventilation. 


Regal Iron Doors provides a unique six step paint process for every door and jamb. We start by sandblasting to take out any rough spots in the iron and remove any unwante surface coatings, oil, or other contaminants. This cleaning increases the surface area and ensures a successful adherence of the zinc coating. The zinc is then sprayed onto the iron layer after layer to ensure the best protection. We then apply an anti-corrosive epoxy to give that extra layer of protection against corrosion. Next, we apply our top coat of paint, followed by an antique color finish, and a clear coat to seal the deal. Our doors and jambs have a unique sun room that they dry in for a week to ensure the warranty on their lasting color. Regal offers four custom colors for our doors and our most popular we carry in-stock is our Light Bronze. The Light Bronze color is a beauteous finish that is about 90 percent black with 10 percent of our striking bronze color hand brushed throughout. We love our light bronze color because it gives a certain look of not only sophistication to any home but worldliness. 


We consider maintainability important. Our Threshold keeps the entryway square in the opening and delivers more noteworthy assurance against water penetration. 


We are not just dedicated to giving the best quality item. We are likewise completely devoted to making an order procedure that is basic, peaceful, and charming consistently. Our part does not just incorporate offering astounding iron entryways. We are likewise here to give our customers a hand with regards to the information they need to order their extravagant iron entryways. This includes estimations and pre-drilled holes to make the installment procedure as simple as could reasonably be expected. We have gone the additional mile to help our customers submit the right request by measuring their space precisely and including predrilled holes for the handles, locks, and door jamb. 


With every weld, effortlessly fluid and every finish brushed on to perfection. The creators of Regal Iron Doors, Inc. have transformed it to success with their devotion for iron entryways and an open and reasonable way to getting extravagance hassle free. 


Regal Iron Doors Inc. utilizes substantial lubricated hinges. The hinges accompany copper washers to permit clients to easily open their iron entryway. 


Your ornamental wrought iron door essentially can't be combined with a less than impressive entryway lockset. Our carefully assembled iron entryway locks and handles will offer security and refinement altogether. At Regal Iron Doors, ace artisans thoughtfully develop all our metal ware and embellishments to guarantee that no detail is abandoned. The ingenious elements on our entryway locks include only the appropriate measure of exquisite surface without diminishing from the effortless designs. Refined and satin locks will compliment a wide range of entryway designs. The greater part of our items has been hand produced utilizing the most elevated quality material. We have combined quality and accommodation by giving residential and commercial clients across the country a consistent, reliable, helpful approach to order extravagant wrought iron doors and hardware at an exceptional price. 


Our iron entryways are protected with a polyurethane foam center that will prove vitality qualified. Polyurethane foam center will be impervious to rust and commotion diminishment. Our polyurethane foam iron doors will help you assemble your fantasy vitality productive home. 

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