Finish Color

We currently offer four distinct finish colors on our iron doors.


Light Bronze – Light Bronze is our darkest finish and also our most popular. It is available in our Amos, Zeugma, Bergama, Hierapolis, Lone Star, Nicomedia, Olympos and Troy Collections. It can also be selected when designing a custom door.

Heavy Bronze – Heavy Bronze is a lighter color finish than the Light Bronze. Heavy Bronze appears with some red and copper shades throughout. It is available as a finish option in our Nicomedia and Troy Collections.

Antique Copper – Antique Copper is another darker finish on our iron doors. It is available as either a custom design or as an option with the Amos Collection.

Silver Pewter – Silver Pewter is unlike any of the other color options. It has a blueish shade to it and currently is only available as part of a custom designed iron door.



Light Bronze
Antique Cooper
Heavy Bronze
Silver Pewter
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